Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Lilly

Lilly is supposed to drink a certain amount of milk in the morning.  She isn't a huge fan of this task, especially as she gets older.  TV is a good incentive; after close to an hour, though, I turn it off.

So this morning, she sat there.  She'd already watched Fireman Sam and Play With Me Sesame.  I warned her that when Sesame was over, I was turning the TV off.  I did.  She screamed a bit.

She sat there for about fifteen minutes.  I was fully prepared to let her sit there till lunch.  Every now and then she fussed at me, or tried to kick Patrick if he came too close.  Finally I got her a straw, which she usually prefers to her sippy lid.  I stood there for another ten minutes holding it and trying to coax her to take little sips, again and again and again.  Finally.

She is, however, adorable with her hair pulled up in a ponytail.  It turns into an adorable mess of strawberry blonde curls.  I want a kid with curly hair.

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