Wednesday, March 2, 2011


V and I are leaving tomorrow morning!  When we get back home, we'll be, as the twins' dad put it, "all hitched up."  He was super generous today, helping me get the kids into bed early/on-time, so I could come home and work on packing and wedding prep (yep, it's still ongoing - a DIY wedding many hours away is a big project!).  He also loaned us a CD player for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the twins' mom left a card and some chocolates for us, along with best wishes.  The card was perfect: it talks about how the best partner is one who is a friend.  To top all that off, Bug and Andrew's mom is loaning us a video camera so we can have a tape of the ceremony.

We have the best families ever, and they are all so excited for us.  It's awesome.
On that note, who knows how much I'll be posting over the weekend.  Brb, gettin' hitched!

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