Sunday, March 20, 2011

Funk be gone

I was in a funk this afternoon, for various reasons, and then I got a text from Bug and Andrew's mom asking if V and I could come sit last-minute so she could run errands.

Nothing snaps me out of a funk faster than an adorable, snugly baby asleep in a sling on me.
Though the Chinese we ordered, Bug's adorable obsession with wildflowers, and the ice cream her parents brought us back didn't hurt.

Now I'm ready for Monday!  Plus, V's brother and his fiance were briefly in town, and we made them breakfast (waffles with fresh organic strawberries and powdered sugar!) this morning.  Happy and yummy.  V and I are going to work on making friends in the area, so we're not so alone and so we don't sit on our computers all evening.

I miss Andrew, even if he did spit up 3 ounces tonight.

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