Friday, March 25, 2011


When I first started working with the twins, it was last July, and I signed a twelve-month contract.  Since I'm a little paranoid, and always like reassurance, I tossed out an email to their parents: basically it boiled down to "don't worry about any specifics yet, just want a lead on whether or not I need to start looking for a job soon."

What I got in return was an email from their dad, "I know where you live, so no, you can't leave," followed by an email from their mom.  She said they're talking about ways to make me "more mobile," which I love, and possibly getting them into some summer programs.  The email ended with, "We definitely want you to stay."

Then, she left me a long voicemail (V and I were watching Bug and Andrew tonight) about how schedules will probably change, but she doesn't have any reason to not still want me, her kids love me, and she's glad I want to stay.

And yes, this has been a day of twin-related posts.

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