Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clothes (shallow title)

I've been terrible at blogging in March.  Blame it on the wedding, and the being sick.

One of the teeny-tiny frustrations of nannying is my total lack of control over the childrens' wardrobes.  Bug and Andrew both have awesome clothes, but Patrick and Lilly are...less adorably provided.  Don't get me wrong; their clothes aren't ugly.  I just don't dress children the same way their parents do.

I like bright colors, lots of leggings and dresses for little girls, funny slogans on t-shirts.  I end up carting around a little boy in a polo and khakis and a little girl in corduroys and a turtleneck.  They're still cute.  It's hard for those kids not to be cute.

When I have a kid, I will put him or her in adorable clothing!

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