Monday, August 8, 2011


I watched Katie and Sean today for the first time in months, or, more accurately, I watched Katie, as Sean slept the entire time.  She turned 5 a few months ago, and is headed off to kindergarten next week.

She's grown up, thankfully.  She used to be a bit of a terror - hyper, demanding, in-your-face.  Today she played nicely: by nicely, I mean, I was a giant on the couch with a sword trying to eat her as she crawled around.  But she was polite, and played by herself for awhile, and was quiet at times, and we generally had a good afternoon.  I'm going back Wednesday, too.

In other news, I took the twins to Essie's house today and we finger-painted and played and ate.  At one point Essie was twirling and saying "I'm a princess!"  I am so not okay with that...I asked her if she was a ballerina.  "Yes! I'm a ballerina!" That's what she continued to be.  I considered my job done, for the moment.  She still has way too much pink and pastel.


  1. Lol, what's wrong with being a princess?

  2. Nothing, except I think it's better for girls to pretend they actually are something active rather than a figure isn't known for doing anything (and, incidentally, is a common excuse to be pampered).