Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Lunch has always been a trial with the twins.  For a long time, it was an hour to an hour and a half ordeal, mostly in front of the tv.  There is significantly less tv now; the focus has changed from making sure they get enough calories to making sure they're behaving...and they aren't.

For the past two or so weeks, Lilly has taken to screaming through lunch.  Frequently, it's five minutes of eating, ten to fifteen of screaming and crying, and then she finishes her food with no problem.  Patrick will eat okay, but if I try to get any fruits or veggies besides carrots or edamame in him, he stops chewing.  He's kept the same bite in his mouth for hours.

Today was a new low.  Lilly ate for about seven minutes, and then alternated screaming and crying for the next half hour.  Patrick ate his chicken and rice, but sat with a bite of peas for fifteen minutes.  I finally just asked if they wanted to go upstairs: Patrick said yes; Lilly screamed some more.  We all went up...and as soon as we reached the bathroom to brush their teeth, they were happily chattering about what they did today.  Down for nap almost forty-five minutes early.  I went up there once to settle them, and they were asleep within twenty minutes of first putting them down.

I give up?

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