Friday, August 12, 2011


Right now, I'm in a plushy hotel bed under a plushy comforter.  Can you tell I like my sleep plushy?  At the rehearsal tonight, one of the girls asked if V and I are sisters - a common question we get.  I already knew from talking to the bride that she didn't want us to hide anything, and without any sort of setup, I squealed, "Married!"  Maybe it was being around a wedding that brought it out, but I don't know.  The poor girl's face was hilarious.  She seemed totally fine with us being married, but it definitely came from left field; oops.

Then another girl looked confused when the bride mentioned that all her friends were married and couldn't catch her bouquet.  She asked V and I if we were engaged, and I told her married, and V clarified "to each other."  We both thought she knew, but hey, I'm always up for telling people I'm married.  Gay-married, sorry.  Don't want to confuse it with that holy God-ordained institution blessed by the Founding Fathers.

I'm sleepy, giggling, and somehow still snarky.  Goodnight world!

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