Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's a stress day for me.  It's been a few days, so I guess it's about time.  V and I are going to a wedding this weekend, which, while we're excited for the wedding, is somewhat stressful: she's having a hard time getting off work, and we're worried about the car and gas as usual.  The weekend after that, we're going to visit her family, which is stressful as always; plus, the difficulty getting off work thing makes that 6 hour drive stressful.  Both of those trips, while we're looking forward to them, are "obligation trips" - not vacations, even though we're looking forward to them.  (I stress that last point because certain people involved in these weekends may happen to read this!)

V is PMSing now, and I think I'm getting it off her.  I'm just ready for life to settle down, mkay?

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