Sunday, August 7, 2011

Makes my life

The twins and I had an incredible night tonight.  Their parents left the van out, so for the first time we could go somewhere in the evening.  Problem was, everything closes, and I wanted to do something special that we couldn't do during the day.

I debated taking them for ice cream, and then thought it would be fun to take them downtown to the ice cream place there.  I drove down, parked, and promptly blew their minds.  "Horses!  Neigh, neigh, neigh!" - who needs a petting zoo when you have carriage rides going by every thirty seconds?  There was music, including a loud drum, so I was treated to a full Kindermusik-style concert by Patrick and Lilly.  There was a large fountain and little ones, and they got soaked - and loved it.  Lilly would put her face by it, then look up and squeal "I got wet!"  No duh, miss adorable.  Then we got ice cream, which they wolfed down.

I love it.  I love experiencing things through kids' eyes; everything is so much more exciting.  And boy were they tired when we got home, about ten minutes after bedtime usually starts.  But as always, I loved putting them to sleep.  Such a wonderful night.

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