Friday, October 14, 2011


Both at gymnastics yesterday and the big indoor play park today, Patrick and Lilly each tried using the potty of their own volition.  Yesterday Lilly had success, but otherwise none: still, I'm so proud of them for asking to try!

They left today for just over a week of vacation.  I'm exhausted right now, but I'm sure I'll start missing them soon.  I'm just too in love with those kids.  Maybe not "too" in love.

V and I have the rest of the weekend kid-free.  Her photography has really picked up, which is great, and we have some sessions lined up for that in the coming weekends.  But first, away to beautiful mountains with us, come Thursday!  We both need to recharge.  Lots.

Found out today that the place we're staying has a hot tub!  Need I say more?
(No.  The end.)

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