Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I cry easily.  I know this about myself; I've hated it for years, and am only lately coming around.  That said, a text from a friend the other day brought me to tears.

I'm really sorry that this [everything anti-gay in the world] is happening, and I know it doesn't help much, but know that we [she and her husband] will fight alongside you guys until you get what you should have had a long time ago.  It makes me angry that people justify their hatred with love of God, but hopefully more minds will change.

I know we have friends who support us.  I know we have friends who are gay, fighting each day as we are (overtly or not) for recognition and acceptance.  I've never heard someone be so explicit about it, though.  I've never had someone tell me that I shouldn't have to educate everyone (which was a later text).  I've never had someone say, in essence, "This is a terrible thing.  Let me help you get through it."

And so I sniffled and blinked rapidly.  I locked the text in my phone, to read when the going gets tough, when I feel like we're alone in a sea of antagonism.  The mental image of dear friends fighting alongside us, ready to remind us that we are worth it, ready to jump in front of us and take the heat...  I'm tearing up again.


  1. I'm at a loss for words after reading this. What can I say? Keep fighting, and I'll be fighting too. <3

  2. Thanks, Ava. Some days it's just nice to know there's one more person out there who cares.