Monday, October 17, 2011

To do before leaving on Thursday

- get the oil changed in the car
- possibly get other stuff done to the car (after all, it's our only one)
- drop off pictures with Essie's mom
- vacuum the house
- do the dishes
- find someone to watch the cats
- get my motorcycle permit
- pack for trip
- babysit tomorrow night
- babysit the night after
- put away laundry
- figure out how to unclog the bathroom sink

See, wifey dear?  This is why I'm stressed.


  1. Well, we already know we're getting the oil changed tomorrow, and we'll see what else happens with the car; I started the dishes tonight; babysitting, meh--it's on the calendar; and, I guess that kitties will just have to come with us. ;) Vacuuming, ok, that needs to be done, as does laundry.

    I believe that leaves you to be stressed about the motorcycle permit. And I guess about packing, but that's not stressful, just time consuming. And, I guess the sink. You can be a smidge stressed about that.

  2. quiet or I'll sic the cat on you.