Monday, October 3, 2011


V and I are in the middle of trying to decide whether to buy a cheaper car to replace mine, or trade both of ours in and go down to one (nicer) car.  I'd love to do one car, but we don't know what her work situation will be yet, and so we don't know if that's an option.

I'm surprisingly unworried about money; perhaps it's because we've been in this place before.  But the car issue is stressing me out: I hate decisions, especially big ones.  Can't I be the one who just turned three?

There really isn't a lot else on my mind.  I'm in the university library while V has class, and then I'm hoping we'll get dinner.  I've been eating all day, no signs of stopping.

Uneventful week coming up.  Busy with the twins: Patrick has a speech evaluation tomorrow, class at the zoo on Wednesday, and then gymnastics Thursday and school Friday.  But I honestly can't think if I have anything planned outside of them.  So strange.

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