Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas, or, day three

The title is not Christmas due to a present, though Patrick did accidentally leave a little something in his underwear.  Twice.

Well, it all started because Lilly was throwing a screaming-crying-three-year-old tantrum.  This made me forget that the kids were in underwear and needed to be encouraged to go potty (I know, how could I forget); I quickly remembered when Patrick said, "I have to pee! underwear's wet."

Ten minutes later, he runs over: "I have stinky diaper can you change it?"  Uh, you're not in a diaper, boy.  That was lovely.

No, Christmas is in the title because they both were singing O Christmas Tree today.  I have no idea why.  Maybe they watched one of their Christmas movies last night?  It was a hilarious scene: they laid their hula hoops down on the driveway, then carefully moved all their pumpkins and gourds from the front steps into the hula hoops, all the while singing together.

I still have two months before I have to deal with Christmas; don't make me think about it yet.  Though we may actually have some fun (!) holiday (!) plans in the works, and I'm used to those two words being an oxymoron.

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