Monday, October 24, 2011

Day one

As of this morning, diapers are over at the twins' house, except for nap and bedtimes.  They really are ready, though; we went more than four hours this morning with Lilly staying totally day and Patrick only pooping a bit in his underwear (which honestly surprised both of us, when he pulled his underwear down and it fell out).  It's stressful, though: always keeping an eye on both of them, checking the time to make sure they're trying enough, just waiting for the accident.  On top of all the fun that comes with two three year olds.  (Two giant tantrums at lunch.  Enough said.)

But today did go well.  Especially with Lilly - I'm hoping she'll be pretty easy.  We stayed home today, and will again tomorrow, but Wednesday Patrick has speech, Thursday is gymnastics, and Friday is school.  Here goes nothing.

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