Saturday, October 8, 2011


This weekend, V and I are dog sitting.  Sort of.  We're currently at Bug and Andrew's house, hanging out with their sweet, spastic dog.  Earlier today, we took her to the dog park, and didn't bother to correct people who talked about "our dog."

I do that with kids, too.  "Your kids are so cute!"  And I just thank the person.  I'll claim them when I'm only interacting for a few minutes; everyone at gymnastics and school knows they aren't technically mine.

Though, the other day, the twins' mom sent me a really sweet text about how V and I are so important to their family, and she wants to keep us both close.  There's definitely been a change in the past few months, really since I hit the one-year mark.  She seems more open and emotional, which she never really has before; we all seem more invested and attached.  And I love it.

Twelve days until we go on vacation!  Courtesy of my one-year anniversary, the twins' parents are giving us the keys to their house a few hours away, in beautiful mountains, for us to relax in.  I can't believe we're going away for four whole days, with no children and no family.

You know, maybe not with the dog, but at least with kids I can take credit for manners and mannerisms, some of the time.  That makes me feel better.

(Especially when I hear Lilly in the backseat say "Goodness gracious me!" like I occasionally do.)

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