Friday, October 28, 2011

Four and five

Yesterday was my frazzled day.  My "makes gun sign with fingers and shoots self in head as I run after Patrick toward the bathroom for the fifteenth time in thirty minutes, and gets a laugh from the guy at the front desk at gymnastics" day.  See?  Even that sentence was frazzled.

Today, though, was a positive!  Patrick did poop in his underwear, but pooping really is a whole different battle (though they've done it on the potty some).  Other than that, (drumroll), both were dry for six hours this morning!  All through preschool, all through playing at home, all through lunch.  I'm pleased.

I'm heading back to their house tonight; V is going to be practicing some Montessori work at the classroom at her school, and kids are welcome, so I think I'll take the twins over there.  Not that I'm counting down or anything, roughly seven hours, I won't have to think about who is peeing when and where until Monday morning.  That, my friends, is a celebration.

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