Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Potties, or dining room chairs

We leave for vacation in a week!  I'm so excited.

A friend told me yesterday that he was "in suspense" (his words) as to the state of Lilly's potty usage.  It was actually a good reminder for me, as I hadn't mentioned anything potty-related in awhile, and I like to keep it on their brains.

Lilly asked for underwear yesterday, and then so did Patrick.  She, per usual, is great about not having accidents when in underwear; it's getting her to wear it full-time that's the trick (darn you, disposable diapers, and your convenience and comfort).  Since both of them have a habit of getting bored, restless, and tantrum-y during lunch, I let them sit in the normal chairs at the dining room table for lunch, with the little potty nearby.  If they asked, they could get down and try to use the potty.  For the most part that worked to keep the moods okay.  Lilly did a lot of peeing.  Patrick not so much.  He may have gone once in the two or so hours he had underwear on yesterday, but I can't recall.

Until, of course, I saw his expression change, and he stood up in his chair to show me the puddle underneath.  He sat on the potty; I cleaned it up.  No big deal.  (I'm so thankful that these things aren't a big deal.)

Today, we did the same routine: big chairs, underwear, frequent potty breaks.  I know they're telling me they need to go just so they can get down, but I don't want to thwart it this early in the game.  Both kids really did have to go, too, a lot.  I was proud of them.

Then Lilly pooped in her chair.  I don't think any of us knew where that came from; she looked as confused and startled as I did.  Again, she tried the potty (no more luck), I cleaned it up, and life went on.

The adventures of potty training.  They leave for vacation Friday, and I think that when they get back, diapers are for real going away soon.  Stay tuned - I'll try not to leave anyone hanging from a cliff.

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