Monday, October 17, 2011


Tomorrow, V and I are taking her pictures over to the family center, where they'll be on the walls for three months.  It's an awesome opportunity.

We scavenged thrift stores for frames; she had to spraypaint some of them black.  Everything looks amazing now, though.  Uh, except for my bloody finger.  And the glass in the trash bag.  Welcome to thrifting!

This week is vacation, thanks to the twins being at the beach.  I still have Bug and Andrew a few days, and Seth and Isabella tomorrow.  Oh, and Kali and her sisters on Tuesday night, helping their mom with bath night.  For the past two and a half weeks, she's been a single mom due to her husband's job.  The end is finally near, though.

And Thursday, we run for the hills.  I mean, head to the mountains.  I hear there's going to be a hot tub!

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