Monday, January 3, 2011

Contracts and changes

When the twins' mom officially offered me the job, she asked me to sign a year-long contract. They'd had nannies take better offers and leave with minimal notice before. I gladly signed.

Shortly after I started this blog, my first afterschool family, Jacob and Caroline, abruptly moved out of state when their mom got a great job offer. It made me wish there had been a contract, but Timothy and Tessa filled the void in an almost-perfect way.

Enough foreshadowing yet? This morning, I received an email from their mom, saying that her mother-in-law is moving in with them, due to "a variety of reasons," and so they don't need me anymore. To be fair, she is paying me for the next two weeks. I don't have to work anymore; I don't really even get a chance to say goodbye to the kids.

It's 60% of my salary. It's two kids I really liked. It's totally out of the blue.
V and I are getting married in two months. Loan bills are now here in full force.
I know it'll be okay. I know I'll find something else.
I just don't know what.

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