Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend, again

I'm trying to type this through the stench of my cat making liberal use of her litterbox. Forgive me for any incoherency.

Sunday has lately been a day of rest (for all you Bible-readers, novel idea, I know). Last Sunday we didn't leave the house at all; today, we only left for a random trip to Ikea for rugs after we rearranged the "laundry room." FYI: the "laundry room" is an engorged portion of our hallway that happens to be floored with linoleum and contain a washer and dryer.

Anyway, it's been all minimalizing the house (I'm so proud of everything we've gotten rid of, and there's only more to come), scrapbooking (well, on V's end), puzzle-doing, cleaning, rearranging, and way more entertaining the cat than I signed on for. Quite a lovely evening, minus a few kitty nips.

Interjection: Yesterday we got a wrought iron four poster bedframe for $25 at our favorite thrift store! And then a random nice woman with a pickup drove it home for us! Whee!

And so, that is my totally child-free post. Not a child-free weekend, actually; I watched Katie and Sean last night. They were only up for about half an hour, though. Tomorrow, back to the twins...whom I miss, though not the cabin fever that lately comes with them.

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