Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love V and I being in business together. It's so much better than when she was at the restaurant! Multiple families know of or have met both of us, and it's remarkable how many we "share." V took her three-year-old to the park one day, with a few moms, and gave one of them her contact info; last night the mom asked V to sit today, which she couldn' I'm going over there in an hour to do it. Another mom V ends up sitting for/spending time with regularly told her that we make a great duo. V's come along with me to the twins as well as to Katie and Sean's. Best of all, in our quest to make some of our income back up, now that I'm not working with Timothy and Tessa, we're both going to be "mother's helpers" for a nineteen month old girl, while the mom takes care of the one month old boy - and which one of us goes will just depend on schedules!

I love that we can make a living like this. Sure, it's not long term; there are definitely other plans in the future. But we're paying bills, paying for our wedding, paying down student helping families. By watching children. By doing what we love. And people are thinking we're great because of it. How wonderful is that?

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