Friday, January 7, 2011

Young and in love

Sometimes, this blog tends more toward the nannying side of life. Other times, it focuses on the "two girls" aspect. If you read only for the former, skip this post.

V and I both grew up in very right-wing Christian households. Naturally, this means that our parents aren't overly fond of our relationship, specifically our upcoming marriage. I'm at the place where I am utterly baffled by someone who will change so much of how they perceive their child just based upon the revelation of whom that child is attracted to.

This is a small rant about V's mother. More than that, though, it's a question I should never have to ask. Why do I find myself consoling my wonderful, loving fiance, who is facing an irrational fear that her mother will pray enough to cause a blizzard and we won't be able to go get married? Why would any mother pray against her child's happiness?

I know: obviously she wants her child to be happy, but more than that, she wants her to be saved. I'm just tired of that not having any more options than the one narrow religious tradition. I'm tired of always fighting someone to try to be happy.

I could ramble about gay marriage for awhile. One day I will. But really, all this boils down to is: Hurt, intimidate, or come against me, fine; do the same to V, and I will not be happy.

We're getting married in 57 days. It won't be the end of the world. It'll be the best beginning of ours.

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  1. You tell me how many times a day I need to pray for everything to go smoothly for your wedding and you got it. Irrational fear or not, we can counter her efforts with prayer of our own, right?

    BTW, your adorableness makes me smile and very happy.