Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dream job

In many ways, I'm working my dream job. V texted me earlier today, from where she was watching her three-year-old, and said, "We're doing letters. I love that we can support ourselves like this!" It's true; I'm just as amazed, and happy.

I do have a very strong organizational side, though. I was a secretary for years, and sometimes miss it. Thus I've concocted my dream job in my head.

Years from now, V and I will have turned this into an elite childcare business. Our name will be fairly well known in the community, and come with certain standards. I'll be able to be a stay at home mother, while interviewing candidates who want to work in childcare under our name, and then I can hire them, manage the positions, and contact families needing care. (The first analogy I come up with is a madam in a brothel. Ignore that.)

Doesn't that sound awesome? I would absolutely love it. It's my current favorite daydream.

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