Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow day

It's been snowing. All day. The roads were passable this morning, so I still went to the twins', and to my great delight, their mom had left their snow clothes. Last time we had this much white stuff, she said it was too cold to go out.

I got them both snow-dressed in under fifteen minutes, maybe under ten. Impressive, if I do say so. They had to relearn how to walk; the toddling around was hilarious, and if they fell over, I had to help them stand. That's what puffy snowsuits when you're two will do!

We made it outside, where Lilly thought snow was a blast and Patrick stood totally still. A neighbor invited us sledding with her kids, so we took the (all-terrain!) wagon two houses down, where her backyard was a great hill. It took some persuading, but Lilly finally road down on my lap, all giggles. Patrick never would try. They both went down the slide on the playset, though, which was super slick.

I was exhausted. After half an hour. We made it back home safe and dry, and proceeded to have some lunch. I have the feeling they took a good nap this afternoon, too! But the entire adventure was so precious and adorable. Once again, I want my own kid to do this with; in the meantime, I'll work on balancing two. Not as difficult as it could be, when one just wants to stand at the top of the hill and stare speculatively down.

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