Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Young experiences with hallucination

Lately, the twins have taken to spinning around and around until they fall down from dizziness. It almost makes me dizzy watching them, but they can entertain themselves for quite awhile with this. Lilly tends to just fall down, giggle, and wobble back up. Patrick, on the other hand, fixates on whatever light is on the ceiling when he falls, and he stares at it. Today, as he was staring at the light in the nursery, he worriedly told me that the lights were falling, over and over. This might be my new favorite activity to encourage.

I'm about to sit for a new family for two and a half hours. They keep coming out of the woodwork. There's even the promise of more: Bug and Andrew's parents want to have all their friends over one night, and basically have V and I run a daycare. That would definitely get new people wanting us too. It's exciting!

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