Monday, January 17, 2011

Good nanny, bad nanny, mediocre nanny?

It's not often that as soon as I get in the door from the twins, I start writing a blog post. (Truthfully, I put fish sticks in the oven first.) But today was such a good day with Patrick and Lilly, and had such...unusual...moments.

V did get one text today of "these kids are so ornery today," but that actually improved. I felt like the greatest nanny in the world when I drew two As, two Bs, and two Cs on small pieces of construction paper and we played matching. They were 100% at that game: I handed Lilly an A, laid the rest out, and asked her to find the other A. No problem. Then we learned what the letters actually were, and for awhile they were really good with "Where's the B?" and such. Not that they have their first three letters readable in ten minutes, but still. I was proud of them.

Lilly begged to go outside (adorable in and of itself), so we finally did. I got their coats on; Lilly grabbed her hat and put it on, then picked up a mitten and said "Mitten time! [pause] No mittens." So, we went without mittens - it's not that chilly today. They wanted to take their poppers, and we ended up walking a decent ways. We were on the sidewalk next to the main road for a bit, and multiple people smiled and waved. I love being out with the adorable ones.

And then came the wind-down, which was actually fantastic except I'll be kicking myself for days. Normal routine is, after lunch, we brush teeth, change diapers, and get in cribs for nap. Today I brushed their teeth and then took their pants and diapers off in the bathroom; they need to learn the concept of air-on-tush, and plus, having them semi-naked and near the potty kinda counts, right? So then we go to the nursery, I pick up Lilly, put a diaper on her and her pants back on, while Patrick is off somewhere, then call him in and do the same. He felt a little wet, but I disregarded it (idiot). We end up back in the bathroom because he wants to show me something, and, sure enough, he's peed on the floor next to the toilet. Why wasn't I there?? I went ecstatic on him, because I'm pretty sure it's the first time he's done anything outside a diaper, but I'm kicking myself. At least after that they both sat (free-bottomed) on the potty for awhile. Another day, another try.

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