Monday, January 24, 2011

Tough times

Bug is fighting a cold. Or a something. Whatever it is, it makes her nose run and her temper flare. Andrew, on the other hand, grins whenever I talk to him.

Patrick and Lilly now can recognize A, B, and C, so we're going to start on the next three letters. I made little cards (construction paper cut into rectangles with a letter on each) that they love playing with, and they're definitely learning what each one looks like.

I forgot to shower last night, so I wore my hair up all day, so now I have a headache. Don't I just share the greatest details about life?

V and I got our first wedding present today. I almost cried. We're loved! And feel special. Forty days! (I know, I know: this is a baby blog, not a wedding one. I'm trying.)

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