Thursday, January 27, 2011

One of those moments

Both breakfast and lunch with the twins were horrid today. Lilly purposely dumped her bowl on the floor at one point, and Patrick was in and out of time-out for an hour. Aren't you glad that's not what I'm about to talk any more about?

Since breakfast was such a terrible experience, I decided there was only one way to handle today: stick them in the stroller. I casually mentioned, while I washed their breakfast dishes, that it might be a good day to go outside ("good" being defined loosely), and next thing I know, Lilly shows up in the kitchen with her hat on, dragging her coat.

I invited V to come on a walk with us, and we went down to the coffee shop that I took the twins to a handful of times this summer. We sat inside this time, of course, and Patrick and Lilly relaxed enough to get out of their stroller and sit on our laps on the couch. Usually new situations make them cling to the familiar (understandably), but Lilly was okay getting out, and then when Patrick decided he could follow, Lilly moved over to V's lap with no problem.

The two of us sat there - V and Lilly with matching red hair, me and Patrick with matching dark brown - and split a cinnamon bun (which Patrick ate at least 20% of). Lilly munched on grapes. They both shared my juice. The four of us spent over half an hour relaxing together.

It's definitely in the running for happiest moment of my week.

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