Monday, January 10, 2011

Get out of the house

My first nannying job, the summer after freshman year of college, I watched a four-year-old and her almost-two-year-old sister. It was 10-7, 5 days per week. Their mom basically gave me the girls, two carseats, and told me to go have fun.

And did we ever. At least once a week, we drove 35 minutes to the good mall to go ride the carousel, and once we even went down to visit my half-siblings (who were around the same age). Sometimes I could make it all day staying home, but, at a minimum, we usually went up to the church where my dad pastored, to play in the nursery there.

Which is why sometimes watching the twins frustrates me. Granted, it's only for four-hour stretches, but we never go anywhere. The one and only time I've been in a car with them was to go see Santa. When it was warmer, we would walk down to the coffee shop about a half mile away (maybe more; I don't know), but obviously that's out of the question now.

I'm hoping that I'll keep working with them as they get older, and I'll be able to take them to classes or playdates or some non-housebound activity. Or at least that it will warm up and we can walk down to get coffee and grapes.

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