Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm in love. I always fall in love with the people I can't have.

Today was my second day with the 19-month-old, henceforth known as Bug (if you met her, you'd understand). And I'm in love with her. She's crazy! Definitely an oldest child, very opinionated and bossy, but quite possibly the cutest kid with the greatest smile. We went to Gymboree today, which was made for kids like her. She ran/climbed/jumped/spun/slid/twirled to her heart's content. For the first half of the class, I was in with her, then I switched off with her mom, who was holding 6-week-old baby Andrew and chatting with the guy at the front. It was an amazing hour.

The entire morning was amazing. I love both Bug and Andrew. And I'll get to see them every Wednesday, plus some other days!

And, I got paid for the morning. I'm in awe.
(Also, left a bunch of V's and my business cards at Gymboree. We're so grown up.)

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