Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blessings in (not a ton of) disguise

Just to make a big understatement, being part of a two-girl couple can be difficult. We haven't experienced nearly the degree of shunning, discrimination, or hardship as some we know, but it still isn't the walk in the park that sometimes seems handed to straight couples. But, being two girls has forced us to have a very small wedding, and that is one of the best decisions I've ever made (though still a few steps down from the awesome decision to have a wife).

V's brother and his fiance are currently planning their wedding, a typical large family-and-friends affair. The bride-to-be is stressed, because it's all happening fast and there is a lot of pressure. She asked V if she, V, was stressed about wedding planning too, and we both sat and thought, and realized, no, we've never been stressed. The closest we came was when the catering was not working out, and we finally ditched them and decided to go to a restaurant after the ceremony.

Today has been a day of final(ish) wedding details, and it's reminding me over and over of the good parts of planning a not-super-welcome wedding. We've had the freedom to make all our own decisions, without three mothers looking over our shoulders (make that 6, because I think V's counts for 3 all on her own). It's a small enough group that it's easy to change plans, move things around, and make them work however. Nothing in our planning has been annoying or stressful. It's been fun, relaxing, and entertaining.

Today's agenda is tweaking the ceremony, contacting the guests with updates, finishing the favors, and possibly "editing" my dress. Doesn't all that sound like fun?

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