Sunday, February 20, 2011

A promised story

I casually mentioned passing out the other day. About that, and about what made this week so...well...thankfully over.

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday morning, just a routine physical and bloodwork. I was supposed to fast the twelve hours before - starting at 9pm. The kitty woke us up a lot that night, so I was exhausted and starved by the time they actually inserted a needle into my arm (sorry to those whom that freaks out). I always think that part is fascinating, so I watched it, and the nurse kept asking if I felt fine. I did, so I told her so. After a few minutes, I said, "I'm getting a little woozy." Then I was in a strange dream, and then I snapped awake, embarrassed that I'd fallen asleep in the exam room. Except apparently I'd passed out.

The next twenty minutes, I lay on the exam room floor (my choice) with a pillow and V trying to get sugar into me. My schedule for the day had been appointment at 9, Bug from 10-2, and then, very out of the ordinary, the twins from 2-5. I first told Bug's mom that I'd be late, but ended up having to cancel on her in favor of a bagel and a nap. The entire rest of my day, I just felt so odd. And V probably got tired of hearing "Remember the part where I passed out?"

Plus, we're both PMSing. And minus some income.
To next week: Be better.
To the world: Goodnight.

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