Thursday, February 17, 2011

Words of affirmation

Today has been a beautiful day. The weather is gorgeous, so I've been running around in a light cardigan and nothing else. The twins and I went for a long stroller walk, then played on the driveway with a neighbor's granddaughter; Bug and I went for a walk where she proved herself obsessed with gravel.

When I first arrived at the twins', the note from their mom was unusually reassuring. She always leaves me a note with what to feed them for lunch, plus any other pertinent information - laundry to be done, location of new coloring books, etc. This morning, though, it started off-
"Hope you don't get sick of us this week; you'll be here a lot! But the kids love you, so to them it's really special. Thank you for all you do with them. Last night we were outside, and they were looking at the sidewalk chalk drawings saying square, triangle, A, B, C - I really appreciate and value everything you're doing to teach them."
And that's how to start a day off right (as opposed to passing out, which is how to start it off wrong - but more on yesterday later). She's usually more terse, and this is the most appreciative I've ever heard her. It just made me feel so capable, which is a big deal for me. Then Bug and Andrew's mom commented later that Andrew is just calmer when I'm around, and Bug asks for me all the time. I think I'm in the right job.

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