Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Picture time

This morning, Bug, Andrew, their mom, and I went to the mall to get their pictures taken. Can I say cutest morning ever? Bug is already adorable, and she danced, played peekaboo, flopped on her stomach, and grinned for the photographer. My biggest accomplishment was getting Andrew to smile (told you he smiles at me!), and that picture is now framed in 11x13 on their wall.

We had so much fun. Both the kids were good; when Andrew started fussing, I fed him and then he went to sleep. While their mom picked out pictures, I took Bug for a walk around the mall. We rode up and down the escalators. Yippee. But I always love those moments when she could be mine - we were just walking around, having a normal day.

I'm finally feeling better, as of this morning. Still sleepy, but not needing nearly as much medication. It's a good day.

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