Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lazy day

Patrick and Lilly slept till 10:30 (instead of their usual 9:45-10), which was quite okay by me, because I'm certainly not feeling all that better either. We've all been sniffly and in need of tissues. Breakfast usually goes roughly 10:30-11:15, but this morning it was more like 11-12. Lunch starts at 1, which works for me, because I don't have the energy to play with them for very long.

Poor Patrick is sneezing out so much gunk that it's taking a whole tissue or more to corral it, and poor Lilly has it all in her chest and is having trouble breathing. Lilly not breathing well is a recipe for her throwing up, so I'm praying that doesn't happen. Yesterday her mother told her "Don't toss your cookies, miss!" and she repeated "Toss cookies!" and then proceeded to throw up. Sigh.

V is sitting for a two-year-old whom we've both watched, and I think I'm going to ride along with her and relax at the bagel place nearby with my computer. I'm working on revising yesterday's post as well as an older one to submit to offbeatmama.com; I'm hoping they'll take them as guest posts!

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