Friday, February 11, 2011


Next Wednesday, my schedule is all messed up. I'll be watching Bug and Andrew as usual, but then the twins' dad is out of town, so I'll be heading over there around 2 for a few hours. Before I get there, their grandmother, their dad's mom, who lives nearby, will take care of them: the routine I usually do, breakfast and laundry and playing and lunch, she will take care of.

Being their grandmother, she's done it lots of times before. But perhaps since I know from their mother that she, the grandmother, isn't always the best with them, it's bugging me. I know, I shouldn't want to take the grandmother away from her grandchildren. But I know what they like to play with, and I know how to get them to eat all their food, and I know that "mongoose" means the Barney video with Mother Goose in it.

In reality, this is all part of the "aren't I legitimate too?" streak I've been on. She may be blood related, but I can guarantee I know the kids better. But it's not like they asked her instead of me; I'm not available, so their dad turned to her. I'm glad he has someone. But still. I'm pouting a bit. I want to watch them.

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