Friday, February 25, 2011

Life support

Today would not have happened without V.  (In the back of my head, I hear Big Bird's voice saying, "Today was brought to you by the letter V...")  I'm delightfully starting my period (that's the sarcasm you hear dripping), and so I've spent the day being weak and in pain.  When Lilly threw up after breakfast, I almost started crying.  It got on her, on me, on the couch, on the floor, everywhere but the cat (though her dad said the cat got some last night).

I got everything cleaned up, but barely, and then I laid on the couch and called V.  Thankfully, the twins spent the next half hour playing very nicely by themselves and letting me rest, and then V arrived and switched the laundry, changed Patrick's diaper, and helped me start lunch.  I felt much better by then.  Not only physically, but emotionally - that little ten-minute window was all we saw each other from 10-10 today, and it made life so much better.

Here's to you, girl.  Eight days till the wedding.

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