Thursday, February 10, 2011


The title, by the way, doesn't refer to the store (or at least that's how Forever 21 seems to be branding itself these days). It's a nod to the fact that in that many days, V and I will stuff two white dresses in our car and drive half a day to our wedding.

I had a dream about it last night. We were late to our own ceremony (impossible, since it's in the b&b we're staying at, but it was a dream, so there), and I was worried, and I couldn't find the strange hood/veil/mantilla I was supposed to be wearing. But recent developments in the wedding world have kept the entire weekend in the forefront of our minds (as if it wasn't there already). I'll share more later, but there are good things in the works that don't seem quite so good on the surface. Cryptic, I know.

Blame it on the two-year-olds. We've had a good morning of playing with magnets, fighting over the choo choo, and singing about laundry.
Round and round and round it goes
Pink and purple, blue and green
It is going very fast
It is getting very clean
I know, I missed my calling, right?

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