Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bathroom trauma

The scene: Bug's living room, just after lunch.  Her mom is out with Andrew; she is playing in front of her dollhouse.
Me: Bug, time to go potty!
Bug: No I don't wanna!
[I pick her up and show her how she can sit backwards on the potty, which she thinks is cool.  She pees.]
Me: Yay!  Good job.  I'm going to go get a pull-up.
[I disappear to get a pull-up; she disappears back to her dollhouse.  I go find her, Dora pull-up in hand, and she stands up to reveal four little poops under her dress.]
Me: Bug...  Did you just poop on the floor?
Bug: No poop on floor.  Poop in potty.
Me: Yeah, you're going to go potty again.
[We go back and I sit her on the potty, backwards again.  She has two dollhouse dolls in her hands.  She poops again {how?!}, then drops in one of her dolls.  Thankfully the doll is totally plastic, no hair or anything.]
Me: Guess he's gone.
Bug: Noah!
Me: We have to go get a pull-up, and clean up the poop on the floor.
[She gets pull-upped, I grab wipes, and we go back to the offending spot.  I pick up the poop and make her wipe the floor clean.  She goes back to her dollhouse; I go fish out the doll from the toilet and wash it and myself eight times.]

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