Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I never knew there was such a thing as a workaholic nanny.  There is, or if there isn't, I invented the category, because I sure am one.  This is another crazy week and of course it's only Tuesday.

You know V and I are too busy when there's something at the conservatory we want to go see, but the only time we can go together is if we take at least one child with us.

Week schedule:
Monday - twins, Bug and Andrew (thankfully got sent home early!), Seth and Isabella
Tuesday - twins, Emma and Lizzie (more 2.5 year old twins), yoga (hooray!)
Wednesday - Bug and Andrew, Kali (since Laura and Danielle should sleep the whole time)
Thursday - twins, Seth and Isabella, Bug and Andrew
Friday - twins, Bug and Andrew (or maybe not...who knows)

You'd think that kind of a schedule would make my number of posts go down.  I guess it means I have more to talk about.

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