Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day three

I woke up with a headache, and couldn't go back to sleep once I was at the twins'.  They were okay through breakfast, and then we went to Essie's for a playdate.  V and I corralled the kids into making salt dough handprints for father's day; they turned out great and the kids all behaved and had fun!  Definitely better than I was expecting.  I measured ingredients, then they got to pour them in and stir it up, then I kneaded it together and they got to press it into the pie plate, V rolled it out, and they did one hand at a time.  V used a toothpick to write 2011 and each child's initials.  Should take 48 hours to dry.  We even got one of Anne's hands on Essie's!

They played, they ate, and as we were driving home at 1:15, Patrick fell asleep in the van.  I caught it right as it happened and chattered like an idiot the rest of the way.  They each had a cracker and a half at home, then up to bed.

So far, better than yesterday.  Of course, Patrick was in timeout forever at Essie's, and Lilly's already thrown two tantrums, but...better than yesterday.  And I'm done at 6 instead of 9:30.

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