Sunday, June 26, 2011


As the title implies, I've been rather remiss at posting this weekend.  At the moment, I'm reveling in the close of the second of two full days spent with my love, at home - something we haven't had in weeks.  We've cleaned; we've shopped (lots of new books! and food!); we've babysat together; we toured a historical recreated village.  You know, the usual.

Confession: I'm drunk at the moment.  I use the term reveling in a rather literal fashion.

This week should be much easier than the last two.  For starters, I'm not spending over 45 hours in childcare.  Tomorrow is just the twins and Kali; Tuesday so far is just the twins.  And glory be, V will be home in the evening now that her summer classes are over.  It will be wonderful, though I'll have to start cooking again.

Given the aforementioned intoxication, I'm going to bid the world au revoir now.

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