Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot and cold

Lilly has been a terror the past week or so.  When she isn't being an angel.  There is no middle ground.  Today was a better day, at least, than yesterday and last Friday.  Having gymnastics helped, I think, because she only acts up at home (thank goodness).  And Patrick was Mr Outgoing, which he never is.  Talking to other kids in the class, lining up first to do something...I was really impressed.  He did the balance beam without me holding his hand!

After work I spent an hour and a half running errands, most of that time in the car.  Places can be too darn far apart, especially when your car doesn't have air conditioning.  We need a new car, new phones, and V needs a new laptop.  Guess I'd better go back to those 50 hour workweeks?

Heck no.  I'll find some other way to work on saving.  Right now, I'm glorying in rest, and trying to decide if this headache negates yoga tonight.

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