Monday, June 13, 2011

Day one

Today is my first "long" day with the twins, though it's actually pretty short: I arrived around 9:40 and will leave in the 6 o'clock range; they nap (or at least stay upstairs) from 2 till hopefully 5 or 5:30.  Their cousins and aunt were still here, so I did a lot of biting my tongue this morning to keep from telling the little girl to leave my twins alone.  Lilly knows how to walk up stairs, thank you, she doesn't need you to yank her along.  Etc, etc.  You know it's bad when the twins kept shaking their cousins off and frantically looking around for me.

But now they are gone, and I'm having some down time, and eating too much leftover cake.  We went to the playground; I don't even know when the twins got up this morning, but after awhile they were whining and asking to go home.  While there, though, I saw both Bug and Andrew with their mom, and Seth and Isabella with theirs.  Small world, or I'm just popular!  I'm okay with either version.

I really need to make this cake go away.

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