Thursday, June 16, 2011


One of our Kindermusik songs asks each kid what they like to eat, and it teaches echoing.  The teacher says, "[child's name] likes [favorite food]" and we all repeat, then "yum yum [food]" and we all repeat.  For some reason, Patrick always says bananas, which he absolutely detests.  I feel mildly ridiculous singing "Patrick likes bananas!"

The class is themed around a carnival, so there's lots of talk of hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream.  Most of the kids pick hot dogs as their food of choice.  One of the boys and his mom look perhaps Indian; he happens to be exactly a day younger than the twins, and his mom is super friendly.  He piped up that he wanted to sing hot dogs for his turn, and his mother started laughing and said, "You're a vegetarian!"

So we all sang that he liked vegetarian hot dogs.
(If you don't find the preceding funny, you don't belong in my world.)

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