Thursday, June 30, 2011


My dad doesn't agree with my marriage.  I've written about that before, and I don't think it's likely to change in the near future.  However, one of the things I do appreciate about him is his ability to take it as fact.  Whereas V's mother can't even tiptoe near our relationship (this is a woman who whispers the word 'mosque' in case the jihadists can hear, but that's another story), my dad is much more relaxed.  It makes our conversations so much easier.  Yesterday, he and I were talking about holidays; I've always had to juggle them between my two sets of parents, and things are even more complicated now that V's parents at in the mix.  I quipped, "And I thought it was bad when I had two families!" and he laughed.  Laughed, because I was funny.  Instead of it driving him to the couch in tears.  Not that I'm referencing anyone.  Like V's mom.

Of course, holidays are still going to be complicated, but whatever.  We still have a few months.  I haven't seen my mom in a year, so that needs to be fixed.

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  1. You should just come see me for the holidays. Problem solved.