Saturday, June 11, 2011


The twins can do a not-terrible job of writing their names, with help, of course.  Except they call it "writing all my letters!"  I wish I could show you.  Tonight, I'm babysitting them and their cousins, their mom's sister's kids, because it's their mom's birthday party.  The sister has a ten year old boy and a seven year old girl.  Not a terrible evening, but interesting.

The twins' dad gave me two cards to have the kids write and draw on for their mom.  I always love writing with them; if they're up for it, I may actually practice letters with them some.  They love letters.

Of course it's reflected backwards (thank you photobooth), but that's their rendition of "to mommy" on the front - Lilly's on top, Patrick's underneath.

Goals for next week: Do a playdate with Essie, and take them to the butterfly show at the conservatory.  If I calculated right, I'm working approximately 41 hours here from Monday to Friday.  Plus still Thursday evening, then we go out of town on Friday evening - but it's to celebrate good friends' wedding, so completely worth it.

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