Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family and rights

I've written before about my fears of having a baby with V.  They exist.
One of the scariest parts is the legal side.
We live in a state that doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.
Nor civil unions.
Nor second parent adoption.

Do LGBT families exist here?  Of course.
Am I scared to be one?  To a degree, yes.

It's the 6th annual Blogging for LGBT Families day.
V and I and our baby (and our other baby, if we have one) will be a family one day.
An LGBT family.

I'm scared.
I'm excited.
It's going to be a challenge.
But we will be a family.

(Read lots of Blogging for LGBT Families stories and essays at Mombian.)


  1. I dream of a snooze, but am thrilled that there is a need for one, now that we have our (hard-won, long-tried-for third baby.)

    Found you via Mombian, and looking forward to reading into your archives. Keep fighting for what you want!


  2. Thanks, Nora! And congrats on having 3 (I'll admit to a little jealousy). Good luck getting some downtime - I loved your entry on Mombian btw!